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Full-Service Home & Electrical Wiring

Avoid dangerous electrical issues for everyone in your building by entrusting your business or home wiring needs to the experts at Lee's Quality Electric. Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we provide comprehensive electrical wiring services that meet every residential or commercial need.
Installation of Electrical box – Electrical Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Wiring Dangers

At our company, we realize that wiring problems are much more than an inconvenience; they also pose serious fire hazards. Whether you are purchasing an older home or the wiring in your home has never been inspected, you should contact a licensed electrician as soon as possible.

Servicing Your Wires

When you call us, our trusted technicians look at the insulation on your existing wires to determine if there is an issue. If there is corrosion in your service panel, we inspect and address the problem immediately. We also check to make sure everything is up to code. From hot tubs to panels, we handle all of your wiring needs. Our specialty is rewiring old homes, so call us if you are purchasing an aged home, particularly one older than 50 years.
Contact us to safeguard your building against electrical wiring issues with our business and home wiring services.